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Be Fluid and Flexible

Maroon Fist is a kung fu martial art system based in Bristol that stems from traditional Chinese moves and also includes elements of Tai-chi, boxing and self – defence.
People of any age and any level of fitness can learn Maroon Fist at our Kung Fu Bristol classes. You will gain confidence, learn how to protect yourself, improve your fitness and live a healthier lifestyle. I have been training for over 35 years and can vouch for the benefits that this martial arts form of self defence and exercise can offer.
‘Be Fluid and Flexible’ is not a style, it is my interpretation how to implement any form of Martial Art or exercise and help to obtain the best results. To be fluid you must practice so the moves flow together like water e.g. cascade. With a high degree of training, your movements will look fluid. This is why an onlooker will always say you make it look easy.
Many practitioners will question your technique and say it is weak & flowery. Don’t be confused by flowery movements because these movements serve one purpose, Health & Fitness. Even though I have practiced Martial Arts for many years there are some Martial Artists that approach the style with a solid format, I’m not saying this is wrong or right.
It is important to understand what you want to achieve from the style. We all have our own avenue to follow. Without flexibility you wouldn’t have the range to solve the problem that lies before you, without freedom you can’t come into your own.
Be Fluid and Flexible
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