In kung fu, sifu is used as a term of respect for an expert with the skills to guide others

Leonard Jackson

I have been practising martial arts for over 35 years and formed Maroon Fist in 2012. Maroon Fist is a martial art system blending traditional Chinese and African moves with Tai-Chi, boxing and self-defence and can be practised by people of any age and fitness level. It helps to improve confidence, fitness and working towards a healthier lifestyle. We use the phrase ‘be fluid and flexible’ to explain how moves should flow together rather than be stiff and rigid, to keep the body moving throughout a form. Health and fitness is important to help us achieve our goals in life and the Maroon Fist style works to help people follow their own path to reach their potential. Leonard Jackson – 6th Degree Black Sash. Contact details: Mobile 07858000927 / email

James-Lee Baker

James - Lee Baker, well-known as the "Flash", has come to prominence within Maroon Fist Association. He's been training with me for five years and he has the ability to kick and punch at any angle. His overall fitness is on another level and he is developing his technique. I'm very happy to announce he is the official trainee instructor. Sifu Len Jackson Maroon Senior Instructor.