In kung fu, sifu is used as a term of respect for an expert with the skills to guide others

Leonard Jackson

I have been practising martial arts for over 35 years and formed Maroon Fist in 2012. Maroon Fist is a martial art system blending traditional Chinese and African moves with Tai-Chi, boxing and self-defence and can be practised by people of any age and fitness level. It helps to improve confidence, fitness and working towards a healthier lifestyle. We use the phrase ‘be fluid and flexible’ to explain how moves should flow together rather than be stiff and rigid, to keep the body moving throughout a form. Health and fitness is important to help us achieve our goals in life and the Maroon Fist style works to help people follow their own path to reach their potential. Leonard Jackson – 6th Degree Black Sash. Contact details: Mobile 07858000927 / email


Ben Grimes has been practising Kung Fu since he was 8 years old. He is currently 1st degree black sash under British Kung Fu Association. Ben has built up a great knowledge and understanding of Chinese martial arts and joined Maroon Fist when it was introduced in 2011. He understands the underlying nature of the movements, their true purpose, and how to teach and interpret them to his students. Ben follows Chinese martial arts culture and morality in his everyday life including the traditions, ethics and philosophies of the art. This stems from his cultural background as he was born in Vietnam and moved to the UK as a young child.

lee roffey

Lee started Boxing at 18 years old (in 1983). Had 19 fights and won 10 of these. He has met several famous boxers and once knocked out a professional boxer! In 1986, he took up Fu Jo Pai (otherwise known as the ‘cat’s claw’). He practised this for 1 year in order to help to gain extra discipline for boxing. Gave up boxing in 1988, following a knee injury he received whilst in the Army. He then spent the next 15 years doing Gym workouts to strengthen his knee. Lee took up Bushido (a Japanese Martial Art) in 2003 and studied this for 3 years, achieving a Blue Belt. In 2006, he took up Kick Boxing and won the National Novice Championship. In 2013 he joined Maroon Fist and began learning Kung Fu. He has gained his yellow belt and is currently training for his orange belt. In 2018, he received his Instructor’s Certificate to teach Boxercise.

Elliot Doney

2nd Instructor Elliot has been training under Master Leonard Jackson (6th Degree Black belt) in Maroon Fist Kung Fu for many years and is currently studying for 1st Degree Black Belt. He combines knowledge of soft “Chi” martial arts to generate internal power that isn’t generally taught in Western schools. He implements this into his teaching to explain the underlying hidden power that is essential in real Kung Fu. To fortify his knowledge of Martial arts he has dabbled in other systems such as Ninjutsu and Kickboxing. All of these systems combined with the Maroon Fist Kung Fu system enable Elliot to teach from an open minded perspective, which students can benefit from.