Maroon Fist is sanctioned by World United Martial Art Federation

Maroon Fist
Kung Fu Syllabus

Maroon Fist
Kickboxing Syllabus

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All classes are held at the Greenway Centre, Southmead.

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KUNG FU & KICKBOXINGTUESDAY7PM - 8PMGreenway Centre Get Directions
KUNG FU & KICKBOXINGWEDNESDAY7PM – 8PMGreenway Centre Get Directions

What our students have to say

"Been training with Len over a month now and the whole experience is phenomenal.
Couldn't recommend him highly enough. Thanks Len"
Tara L
"Ok so how do I put this...this experience has been the most physically changing thing for me and I love the adrenaline and boost it gives me. It has given me more confidence and pride in myself and I would just love to take a moment to thank my lovely teacher/mentor for helping me regain back strength that was once lost. Leonard you are amazing and I cant wait to finally one day beat you in a sparring session (but that is a looonngggg way away) 🙃😎 All I gotta say is I'm proud to be a part of Maroon Fist ❤"
Tamzin H
"Wow what a session the best one yet cheers maroon fist possie. Shame i cant do any boxcersice. I really enjoyed my time with lovely Len and Anthea and the rest of our group"
Tina C
"When I first met leonard he greeted me with a big grin and overwhelming positivity. After going to a training session I already know I am hooked to this fantastic blend of martial arts. Leonard has a teaching style that caters to your own personal abilities whilst motivating you to push yourself. Truly this martial arts class is fantastic and I would recommend to anyone looking to learn. Im looking forward to the next session to come!"
Chalis A
"Boxercise - could be the making of me - or the death of me (at the moment it's the latter!) Thanks to Leonard Jackson for being super motivated and organising the class tonight."
R. Logue
"Been training with this mad man, been so inspiring literally couldnt have asked for a better person to learn from. Incredible character n beautiful soul. Many lessons to come 🤙🏼"
N. Leigh
"Leonard Jackson execution of the martial art moves is just "beautiful" 17/09/19"
I. Archard